Apple Electric Car? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Coming soon: The iGolf? A patent issued to “Apple Electric Car, Inc.” this week raised some eyebrows, but don’t expect an EV to be Apple’s “one more thing” at its next event.

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For one thing, that patent covers a golf cart equipped with a touch screen, which doesn’t exactly scream Jony Ive. Second, the patent credits inventors Anthony Bonito of Davie, Fla., and Perry Pierce of Ft. Collins, Colo., working with the Miami-based Apple Electric Car, Inc. Obviously, Apple is based out of Cupertino, and the legitimate patents it has secured usually say so.

“Is this proof of Apple entering the electric car business? Of course not,” Patently Apple’s Jack Purcher wrote in a blog post. “It’s likely just a one in a million fluke that it appeared on today’s list of granted patents for Apple.”

Cupertino did, however, earn a new patent for “accessing a vehicle using portable devices,” or using an iPhone to open a car door, start or stop the engine, and personalize vehicle settings.

The patent for an advanced auto access and control system could be related to reports that the upcoming Apple Watch will pair with the Tesla Model S to allow drivers control over and monitoring of their car from their wrist. The existing Tesla Model S app already allows iPhone users to lock or unlock from afar, find their car, check charging progress, and more.

Apple has also investigated the electric car market somewhat. In February 2014, Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk confirmed his company chatted with Apple, but denied any acquisition plans.



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