Energizer Makes Battery…From Recycled Batteries

Energizer is getting more eco-friendly.

The company on Tuesday unveiled what it calls the world’s first high-performance battery made from recycled batteries. Energizer’s new AA EcoAdvanced battery is made from 4 percent recycled battery material, and is its longest-lasting alkaline battery.

“Industry experts long believed it was impossible to create a battery made with recycled batteries while maintaining performance,” Energizer Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Atkinson said in a statement. “Our scientists welcome a challenge and have spent the past seven years creating just that — Energizer EcoAdvanced — our highest performing alkaline battery.”

Energizer said its scientists have developed a way to refine and transform recycled battery material into a “high-performance active ingredient.” The result, the company claims, is a battery that requires less mining of virgin material in the manufacturing process and reduces the amount of battery consumers need to power their devices, thus producing less waste.

At this point, the AA EcoAdvanced contains 4 percent of recycled battery material by total weight. Energizer is also offering a AAA size that uses 3.8 percent recycled material. The company is aiming to up the percentage of recycled material used in these batteries going forward.

“By 2025, our vision for Energizer EcoAdvanced is to increase the amount of recycled battery material ten-fold to 40 percent,” Atkinson said.

For more on the EcoAdvanced battery, check out the video below. You can also head over to Energizer’s website to get a coupon for up to $3 off the EcoAdvanced.



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