Resigned out of will, Governor Sarwar denounces state TV’s claim

LAHORE – Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar on Thursday clarified that he tendered resignation out of will and neither the presidency nor Prime Minister House demanded the resignation or any explanation whatsoever.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, he said that resignation was a conscientious act.

He denounced claims of the state Television, that President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain demanded his resignation yesterday evening that led to Governor Punjab’s resignation.

He further stated that qabza group (group of law-breakers) proved to be stronger than the status of a governor adding that the tyrants enjoy liberty while the oppressed were left helpless.

Talking about politics of the country, he said that the right to govern the state must not be restricted to a particular class.

“Four months after instatement, I informed Rana Sanullah of my intent to resign,” told Chaudhry Sarwar.

Referring to his status at the British parliament, he said he took oath on Quran and has always supported the Muslim cause.

Sarwar, a former British MP, gave up his British nationality in August 2013 to serve as Governor of Punjab on the invitation of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) leadership.

Having served as Labour Party Member of Parliament in Glasgow for 13 years (from 1997 till 2010), Chaudhry Sarwar comes with the experience of legislation besides having been a successful businessman.

He was also the first Muslim to sit in the British parliament.

Source: http://dunyanews.tv/index.php/en/Pakistan/258274-Resigned-out-of-will-Governor-Sarwar-denounces-st


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