Samsung’s Gear VR will soon keep Qantas first-class passengers entertained

Offering iPads as in-flight entertainment systems is so 2014. Australian carrier Qantas will soon welcome a new breed of gadget onboard — the Samsung Gear VR, along with a Galaxy Note 4 to power it. The phone’s loaded with a special app that shows you 360-degree views of the carrier’s first-class lounges and even a virtual reality boat ride. You can also use it to watch a movie, but unfortunately, if you want to marathon House of Cards, you’ll have to use your own laptop or tablet for that. See, the bad news is that there will be a limited number of Gear VRs available, and it’s not accessible to everyone flying Qantas: only folks in Business Class aboard an Airbus A380 going from LA to Sydney or from Melbourne to LA can borrow one. Even then, they’re expected to use it only for a limited time, so other people can take their turn.

Source: Qantas


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