This smartphone case lets you print out photos instantly – Prynt

Yes, this is probably the world’s bulkiest iPhone case, and it definitely won’t fit in your pocket. But, in its deference, it has a built-in printer.

Freshly launched on Kickstarter, Prynt is a smartphone case which lets you instantly print of honest-to-goodness photographs. You know, the type that you can hold in your hand, stick to walls and even crumple up and throw away? Remember those?

Harkening back to the Polaroid years of old, Prynt requires no ink, thanks to the special zero-ink (Zink) paper refills it uses. The paper itself already has ink embedded within it, and heat is used to draw out the different colours to produce the final picture.

ch case can hold 10 sheets of paper at once, and you can order refills through the Prynt app and have them sent directly out to you. Pictures can be printed instantly, or you can select any photo from your album, Facebook, Twitter etc, and bless them with the physical paper treatment.

Currently the case is compatible with the iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S5, with plans to add more popular handsets in future. Modular dock adapters are also supported, for when you decide to change smartphones.

The Prynt app itself also has an augmented reality feature built into it. Record a video, select a still from the clip, print it out, and watch the video playback on the photo itself via the app. Harry Potter, eat your heat out.

It goes without saying that this isn’t a case that you’ll leave on your smartphone 24/7. Rather, it’s something that’s designed to be carried around with you and whipped out and guitar-laden campfire parties, coffee shops and idyllic summer picnics. Or whatever floats your boat really.

You can currently order your own Prynt case for US$100 from Kickstarter, where it’s already smashed through its US$50,000 goal by raising US$236,576 at the time of writing.


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