Twitter Aggressively Fights Harassment

Twitter revealed its new tools for users to report cases of impersonation and doxing – sharing of private and confidential data. The company also tripled the size of its team handling the reports of abuse.

As a result, Twitter now reviews 5 times more user reports than before, and the company has also tripled the size of its support team that processes abuse reports. This allowed the company to significantly reduce the average response time, and this figure continues to drop.

Twitter also mentioned new enforcement actions against people who use the microblog to harass others. The company explained that the new measures would not be visible to ordinary users, but would allow to act against the accounts that break the rules. Apparently, Twitter may force temporarily banned users to verify their email address or phone number, and then use that information to permanently ban persistent offenders.

As for the increasingly common tactic of online harassment, dubbed doxing, the company will now enable users to report contact data, financial account data, government-issued ID and/or images and videos of themselves or other users.

This move follows a year of bruising criticism for Twitter due to a lack of protection for vulnerable users. Now new features allow to report abuse as an observer, not just as a victim. Twitter also improved controls for blocking other accounts. Apparently, the company has finally realized that it kept losing core users due to failure to address simple trolling issues that they faced every day. Now Twitter promised to start “kicking these people off right and left” and make sure that nobody would hear their attacks.


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